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Instructor Responsibilities

PedFACTs instructors have many important responsibilities to ensure a quality PedFACTs course for students. In addition to knowledge of PedFACTs content and necessary skills, the instructor must do the following:

Facilitate learning—Instructors must teach the course in an engaging manner and make sure that all students actively participate.

Conduct all course lessons and activities—Instructors must make sure that all of the required content and objectives are covered according to the format described in the instructor manual.

Know course content and be proficient in skills--Instructors should be knowledgeable in all course content subjects. They must be able to demonstrate and coach required skills, such as CPR and choking relief.

Evaluate students—Instructors must evaluate students’ performance in the skills stations and on the final examination.

Submit course rosters—After completion of a course, instructors must go online to update the class roster. Indicate students who have successfully completed the course and submit. Once the roster is submitted, students will receive their course completion certificates by email.

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Instructor-to-Student Ratio

To have the best learning experience, adult students must have the opportunity to actively participate in course activities. PedFACTs courses require an instructor-to-student ratio of 1:6 for small group activities. CPR skills must be taught by an instructor certified in CPR. If more instructors are available, the number of students can be increased by 6 students per additional instructor. Some course activities, such as PedFACTs topic discussions, may be conducted with students in a larger group. The instructor-to-student ratio should not exceed 1:18 for large group activities. Experienced instructors have found that classes with even smaller instructor-to-student ratios enhance the learning experience.

Large and Small Group Activities in the PedFACTs Course
Large group activities PedFACTs topic discussions
Video demonstrations
Scenario discussions
Small group activities CPR skills stations*
Choking relief skills stations
Medication administration skills stations (if applicable)

*The CPR skills station requires one instructor certified in CPR for each 6 students.

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Course Timeline

Before the Course

  • Review the PedFACTs participant manual and instructor manual as needed. Make sure that you are prepared to present content as described in the course materials.
  • Identify appropriate individuals to serve as instructor(s), if needed.
  • Select the course dates.
  • Schedule your PedFACTs course at
  • Reserve the location for the course. Check the lighting, power supply, audio visual capabilities, and any potential noise problems.
  • Develop a budget for the course and set any registration fee as needed.
  • Develop a plan for promoting the course (if appropriate).
  • Order manuals and other required materials from one of the following sources:
    • American Academy of Pediatrics: 866-843-2271;
    • Jones & Bartlett Learning: 800-832-0034 X8197;
    • National Association of School Nurses: 1-866-627-6767;
  • Order/prepare/check any needed course equipment and supplies.
  • Reserve the audiovisual equipment (eg, DVD player, computer with CD-ROM drive and DVD drive, projector, screen)
  • Make photocopies.

Day of the Course

  • Set up the registration area.
  • Make sure the room set-up is appropriate for the course.
  • Set up the audiovisual equipment and make sure it works.
  • Set-up skills stations.
  • Conduct the course.
  • Remind students to go online and complete the course evaluation form.

After the Course

  • Submit the completed course roster to the AAP at
  • Provide feedback. The PedFACTs Steering Committee would like to hear your feedback about the PedFACTs course and any questions you have about the materials. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] The committee will be happy to address your questions or concerns.

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